Sport & nutrition program


The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the association Sport Dans La Ville and its Sport and Nutrition program to fight against the bad eating habits of young people. Thanks to sports activities and a balanced diet, children and young people are guaranteed to remain in good health!


For more than 20 years, the association Sport Dans La Ville has been promoting the professional and social integration of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the sports centers it has set up. The association raises awareness and mobilizes young people and their families on nutrition and physical activity, while working for equal opportunities in the neighborhoods and the proper personal development of each young person. 

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SPORTS & Nutrition program

Regular physical activity and good nutrition are necessary for good health. The animators of each Sport Dans La Ville site have noticed that young people, after basketball, soccer or dance training, tend to consume snacks that are not adapted to physical effort.  The goal of the Sport and Nutrition program is to raise awareness among youth about a healthier diet that is better suited to sports activities, and to encourage them to change their behavior. 

The Sport and Nutrition program began with an inventory of young people’s eating habits and the prevalence of overweight and obesity, in partnership with the Vivons En Forme program, already supported by the Foundation. 

Based on this, fun workshops are created and run during the tournaments by sports educators trained in good eating habits. These workshops allow young people to develop a critical look at the link between their environment, their diet and their physical activity, in order to change their habits over the long term.   

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