Chez Kantina

BY LE passage à niveaux

The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the association “Le passage à niveaux” for its project CHEZ KANTINA.


Le passage à niveaux is an association that is part of the Social and Solidarity Economy. It is an innovative third place, originally created by the association l’ENVOL (created in 2015), a center for art and social transformation, unique in France, which aims to bring the youth of a territory towards the best version of themselves: Acting today to transform tomorrow.


“CHEZ KANTINA” is a participatory restaurant based in Béthune (France), where cooks and diners come together to cook and eat together. It is a solidarity project that aims to promote healthy eating, rather than focusing solely on financial profitability. Prices are free and members of the association can come and eat there. The goal is to find a balance that would allow for national expansion.

The project is deployed by providing a local, associative and solidarity canteen offering a unique dish and a dessert made from local and seasonal products, at a free price, where the cooks are people in insertion, mostly young people. The objective is to welcome 15 to 30 young people each day, frequenting the association, and to provide 40 to 80 meals per lunch.

Facilitating access

to healthy and sustainable food