vegetable plates


The Roquette Foundation for Health supports Le Jardin Voyageur because the association shares the same educational goal of introducing children of all ages to healthy, balanced and varied eating.


By introducing children to new types of vegetables, the Vegetable Plates workshops make children from three to fifteen aware of what healthy, natural eating involves. The workshops encourage nutritious, varied meals and trying out new tastes. 


The Vegetable Plates project introduces children to garden vegetables that are sometimes unfamiliar to them, including leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and heirloom vegetables; all types of vegetables are studied.

In the north of France, Le Jardin Voyageur team members transmit what they know about vegetables and nutrition to children ages 3 to 15. Young participants harvest, peel, discover, prepare, cook and taste vegetables to develop their senses and vary the way they eat. At recreational centers or in school, inside the classroom or outside in a vegetable garden, any place is a good place to educate taste and discover new foods.

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