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The Roquette Foundation supports the Chartreuse de Neuville. In the gardens of the Chartreuse, the aim of the project is to create a pathway for sharing knowledge and raising awareness of a healthier lifestyle through the transmission of good eating habits.


Located in a former Carthusian monastery in Montreuil-sur-Mer, North of France, the Chartreuse de Neuville has been developing for thirteen years a pioneering experience, which combines history, heritage and a rural environment. The mission of the association is to contribute to a more inclusive society that is confident in the future, in which everyone can undertake and find their place.


In this context and to transmit the history of this place, the Chartreuse de Neuville teams developed a conservation garden that aims to preserve biodiversity and raises awareness of food sovereignty issues. The purpose of this garden is to cultivate, study and multiply wild and local varieties; to highlight the challenges of biodiversity and sustainable food; and to educate about the diversity and nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables, their history and the importance of eating them regularly and in various ways.


Thanks to its plant heritage and the support of a nutrition and health specialist, the Chartreuse de Neuville develops tools and workshops about nutrition, cooking,
phytotherapy, sports and fruit and vegetable production for the different visitors of the garden: young people and adults in rehabilitation, elderly people, people with disabilities, and the general public.

The project aims to promote the importance of healthy food for daily well-being and encourage change of eating behaviors, as well as to raise awareness of the
challenges of cultivated biodiversity through the connected garden project, in partnership with the Vavilov Institute in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Different workshops will be offered, depending on the visitors:

  • From Seed to Plate: thanks to discovering the conservation garden, this workshop raises awareness of the importance of various food, which is rich in taste and adapted to the seasons.
  • Seeds of the Past at the Service of Mankind: thanks to the partnership with Vavilov Institute, this workshop helps better explain how the seeds from the past will be useful for our future.
  • Budding Gardeners: for the smallest of us, this workshop highlights the life cycle of plants and the importance of natural elements around us.
  • Let’s Walk in the Garden: adapted to each visitor, this workshop explains the fundamentals of a garden that listens to nature, taking into account cultivation techniques, plant life cycles, pollinating insects, the differences between fruits and vegetables, the history and current functioning of gardens, etc.

For the people being helped and the caregivers, specific culinary workshops were organized in partnership with the Pasteur Institute in Lille.

This project, supported for three years by the Roquette Foundation, aims to make 800 participants aware of a varied, healthy diet from the vegetable garden.

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