Change for well-being

The Roquette Foundation supports the Changer pour Mieux-Être project developed by the Rest’O association. The commitment of the association against obesity and its pedagogy around food are part of the Foundation’s mission. 

Since 1999, the Rest’O association has been working to change the eating habits of people suffering from obesity in the Lille metropolitan area. Thanks to the grouping of doctors, paramedics and social workers, the association helps these people to understand their relationship with food, to improve it and to increase their physical activity.   


The Change for well-being program

The Change for well-being program, by the Rest’O association, is a three-month multi-professional education program for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It does everything possible to change eating habits and encourage the adoption of food choices that promote greater wellbeing. This program operates in the priority neighborhoods of the cities concerned, which are themselves part of the Vivons En Forme program, also supported by the Roquette Foundation. 


To guarantee the success of this program, relations between the people concerned and health professionals, such as dieticians-nutritionists, psychologists, medical-sports educators or social workers, will be set up.  


The organization of group or individual sessions aiming at changing eating behaviors in a sustainable way, as well as the involvement of family and friends in the progressive adoption of healthy eating choices, will be the keys to the sustainable improvement of the health of these people in an obese situation.  


Eventually, recommendations will be published at the national level, in partnership with the University of Lille and the University Hospital Center of Bordeaux, to evaluate the impact of the actions. 


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