The program education & nutrition


The Magic Bus non-profit organization enable young people in India between the ages of 12 and 18 to acquire key skills for their development and thus help lift them out of poverty.


By raising awareness of good health and nutrition among youth, the Education & Nutrition project contributes to develop their key skills and employability. 


The program aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of good health and related nutritional isssues. Young people from underprivileged communities in the vicinity of Gokak, India, will be able to attend the program for two years to complete their secondary education.


People living in rural areas of India have living conditions that are very different from those in urban areas.

A lack of education, early marriages and poverty are factors that prevent these young people from finding a way out of their vulnerable situation. Magic Bus provides them with long-term support in order to advise them and develop their skills for a better, healthy life.


This program provides young people with advice to help them to improve their nutritional health. 

The non-profit organization encourage youth to use connections between communities to promote the development of an active, healthy lifestyle. 


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