TOP'la mobile application


The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the FIMATHO Health Network with its TOP’LA project: the mobile application for parents of children with eating disorders.

Pediatric eating disorders are characterized by significant eating difficulties of multiple origins. The impact on the quality of life and on the material, human and social environment is considerable, and parents often find themselves at a loss when faced with these difficulties.

According to studies, eating disorders concern 25 to 50% of children and are a recurring reason for consultation with pediatricians.

Top'la mobile application

The TOP’LA application aims to support parents of children with a pediatric eating disorder (PED). A PED is characterized by difficulties in eating by mouth, with multiple and variable causes and consequences. As a result, PED directly impacts the quality of life of these children and of their families.  

This reliable and accessible digital tool is relevant to accompany parents daily and allow them to better enjoy mealtimes, while helping children to eat correctly.  This application is complementary to an adapted medical follow-up.  

Developed by health professionals and in partnership with concerned parents, the mobile application is intended for parents of children between 0 and 10 years old with a pediatric eating disorder. It will contain recipes, activities, resource documents, etc. 

The aim of the application is to promote progress, suggest activities and recipes, transmit preventive information and put conviviality back at the heart of mealtimes. 

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