Les invités du VRAC

BY the VRAC- Hauts de France association

La The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the VRAC HdF (Hauts de France) association for its project: “Les invités de VRAC: let’s talk about food!”


The association VRAC HdF is a member of the VRAC France network (created in 2013 initially in the Lyon region) and its vision is to defend access to sustainable and quality food for everyone, regardless of financial means or geographical location. VRAC HdF currently runs nine purchasing groups located in priority neighborhoods of cities, spread across two geographical areas: the Lille Metropolis and the Lens Liévin urban community.

Les invités du Vrac

The project “Les invités de VRAC: let’s talk about food!” is a program of activities centered around three central themes of sustainable food, identified through numerous exchanges with members: health, environment, purchasing power. Its objective is to create conditions that allow members of the association, residents of popular neighborhoods, to make informed choices and develop their ability to act in the field of healthy and sustainable food, by organizing exchange workshops, expert interventions, family cooking workshops, farm visits, and providing members of the association with qualitative information around the following three themes:

  • Environment
  • Purchasing power
  • Health

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