Thien An home II

Bettering lives of children and youth

Promoting access to active life for an ethnic minority in Vietnam: this is the mission of the Thien An Home II association. The Roquette Foundation for Health supports this program aiming at bringing the keys to the children and young people of this minority.  

For over 20 years, Thien An Home II has been working to improve the lives of ethnic minority children and youth in Vietnam by providing them with a variety of basic skills through an educational program around work and social life. 


THE bettering lives PROGRAM

Members of this ethnic minority community in Vietnam see their chances of success in the professional world reduced from the start. Through the Bettering lives of children and youths of ethnic minority community project, the Thien An Home II association helps children and youths of this community by providing them with good nutrition, an educational program and health coverage.  


The association trains its beneficiaries in agricultural and animal husbandry techniques, teaching them to cook and bake their own bread, as well as offering them balanced meals to raise awareness of good nutrition and therefore good health.  


Through this program, the children and youth develop their knowledge, skills and autonomy for better nutrition, good health and greater chances of success in the professional world.   


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