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The Vivons en Forme program

The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the Vivons en Forme (Let’s Live Healthy) program, carried by the association Fédérons les Villes pour la Santé (Federating Cities for Health), in its active fight against overweight and child obesity …. A ludic educational program of around food and sports practice.

The Fédérons les Villes pour la Santé (Federating Cities for Health) association offers concrete solutions to local and territorial authorities to prevent childhood overweight and obesity and to promote fitness and well-being within families, through education on diet and physical activity.



The vivons en forme program

In France, social inequalities in health are increasing and creating a nutritional divide. Even if the public authorities’ health messages are well remembered, they do not succeed in changing behavior, especially among the most vulnerable populations. Mobilization is therefore essential, especially in the immediate environment of the families most concerned.


To fight against this divide and against childhood obesity, the Vivons En Forme (Lets’ Live Healthy) program, supported by the association Fédérons Les Villes pour la Santé (Federating Cities for Health), mobilizes local authorities and local actors to change people’s behavior. The program offers solutions based on a thematic program spread over several years and supported by local actors, who propose concrete solutions to families, with respect to parenthood.


Thanks to its innovative approach, which is as close as possible to the reality of families, the Vivons En Forme (Let’s Live Healthy) program has already succeeded in mobilizing a network of over 250 municipalities. The use of social marketing methodology has made the program successful:

  • By involving the target populations in the development of the methodology
  • By focusing on learning through concrete and emotional experiences
  • By being positive and stimulating the feeling of effectiveness of the relay actors and parents.

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