2022 Research Award

RESEARCH AWARD Encouraging innovation for the future In 2020, the Roquette Foundation for Health launched the first edition of its Research Award. For young researchers, this Award rewarded any particularly innovative research, thesis, dissertation, or publication in the fields of food, nutrition, prevention in health, food of the futures or nutritional transition.  Click here to […]


Frailty in ageing research group The BUTTERFLY project The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the FRailty In Ageing Research Group (FRIA) for its BUTTERFLY study, which aims to decipher the mechanisms of frailty in people aged over 80.  Frailty is one of the most prominent barriers to active and healthy ageing. It is a dynamic, […]

Lille Pasteur Institute – Nutrissimo Junior Program

LILLE PASTEUR INSTITUTE Nutrissimo® Junior Program The Roquette Foundation for Health support the Pasteur Institute of Lille and the Pileje Foundation in the setting of the Nutrissimo® Junior program, for a better nutrition of children.  The stakes of a balanced diet in children are multiple: to allow harmonious growth and optimal development, to prevent certain […]

The Roquette Foundation for Health grants its first Research Award

The Roquette Foundation for Health grants its first Research Award The Roquette Foundation for Health organized yesterday a virtual event to celebrate its 3-year anniversary. They also revealed the winner of its first ever Research Award and putthe spotlight on the “Coup de Coeur” Award. This ceremony was also the opportunity tohonor the public’s favorite […]

Universcience – Microbiota Exhibition

In the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, a 600-square-meter exhibition was designed to explain the role of the gut and the gut microbiota (also known as the intestinal flora) to the general public in a cheeky and fun way.

Cidades Sem Fome – School gardens

The non-governmental organization helps and trains inhabitants to manage their own activity to become financially independent through the creation of community gardens, school gardens or agricultural greenhouses in urban areas

Magic Bus – Education & Nutrution

The Magic Bus non-profit organization aims to promote and educate young people on the importance of good health and related nutritional issues.

Sport in the City (Sport dans la Ville)

photo enfant adolescent ballon de football foot sport

Regular physical activity and good nutrition are necessary for a good health. Sport Dans La Ville (Sports in the City) site leaders have found that young people tend to eat inappropriate snacks after physical activity. The Sport and Nutrition program raises awareness on the importance of good nutrition.

I take care of my health through my diet

The risk of obesity for people with intellectual disabilities is higher than that of the general population, which is why the association Prev’Santé MEL, which works for the prevention and management of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity, wishes to adapt and make its programs accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.