BELIEVING in progress


It is well known that a healthy, balanced diet is essential for good health. Thus, the risk of developing numerous diseases could be reduced by complying with nutritional guidelines. Based on multiple scientific studies, these guidelines evolve as new knowledge is acquired.


The Roquette Foundation encourages medical research to prevent, cure and avoid the spread of diseases and thus contribute to the good health of women and men throughout the world. This is why, in 2020, the Foundation launched its first Research Award in France.

Aimed at young researchers, this Award supported medical research around an essential theme: prevention in health.

Encouraging innovation also means supporting the quest of committed researchers and their projects.


Microbiome Foundation

The Microbiome Foundation support research progress on the gut microbiota and increase awareness among the public on the importance of preserving the microbiome.
The Professor Pierre Déchelotte’s teams conducts a study to characterize the role of intestinal microbiota in digestive disorders related to obesity and anorexia nervosa.

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INFINITE Laboratory – PENSINE Project

Through the PENSINE project, the INFINITE laboratory is studying the diet of children from conception to age 4 in order to modulate the health trajectory of children and prevent the onset of chronic intestinal diseases, particularly through the promotion of good nutritional behaviors.

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Paris Pasteur Institute – LuLISA project

The Institut Pasteur of Paris is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases, primarily infectious ones. Thanks to the LuLISA project, the Institut Pasteur de Paris is developing a rapid and accessible method for diagnosing various food allergies in a general practitioner’s office, using a few drops of blood.


Digestscience – HEROIC project

The DigestScience Foundation, the first public purpose foundation entirely dedicated to research on digestive pathologies and nutrition, has developed the HEROIC* project. This vast epidemiological study aims to identify the environmental causes of Crohn’s disease and then develop treatments to cure patients.