ecail study

by MALIN program

The Roquette Foundation supports the MALIN program for its interventional study which studies the link between a nutritional support and an easier access to foods adapted to infant and family nutrition .

The MALIN program, initiated in 2012, develops practical, simple solutions, adapted to the budgetary constraints and daily life of families, by accompanying them on this key issue of parenthood. To identify the best solutions, the association works in cooperation with public authorities, associations, learned societies of pediatrics, researchers, professionals in the field, concerned families and companies.

the ecail study

After the creation of the MALIN program in 2012, an interventional study was implemented in the field to evaluate the effectiveness of the MALIN program. The ECAIL study (= Etude Clinique Alimentation InfantiLe: Clincal Study for Infant Food) aims to test the hypothesis that nutritional support accompanied by easier access to foods adapted to infant and family nutrition, can improve the nutrition and growth of young children. Conducted among 700 pregnant women in socially vulnerable situations, the study takes place from the third trimester of pregnancy until the child’s second birthday.

In parallel to the personalized accompaniment of these families by a dietician, data are then collected from different professionals and analyzed.

Ultimately, the ECAIL study will make it possible to propose elements of optimization within the framework of the generalization of the MALIN program in the whole French territory, while bringing new knowledge about the social determinants and the mechanisms involved in the food behaviors of families in a situation of social vulnerability.

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