The TOP’LA application led by FIMATHO

Fimatho TOP’LA mobile application The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the FIMATHO Health Network with its TOP’LA project: the mobile application for parents of children with eating disorders. Pediatric eating disorders are characterized by significant eating difficulties of multiple origins. The impact on the quality of life and on the material, human and social environment […]

Care 4 Change Program – Life Project 4 Youth

Fondation Roquette - LP4Y

lIFE PROJECT 4 YOUTH Care 4 Change Program La Fondation Roquette pour la Santé supports the Care 4 Change program, developed by the Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) association to raise awareness of health and nutrition issues for more than 13,000 local community members and to promote access to vocational training for young women. The […]

The Vivons en Forme Program

senior - vivons en forme

Supported by the Roquette Health Foundation since 2018, the program developed by the FLVS association is evolving and expanding its target audience to future parents, overweight or obese adults and active seniors.

La Chartreuse de Neuville Association – Nutri’Chartreuse Project

Chartreuse de neuville association Nutri’Chartreuse Project The Roquette Foundation supports the Chartreuse de Neuville. In the gardens of the Chartreuse, the aim of the project is to create a pathway for sharing knowledge and raising awareness of a healthier lifestyle through the transmission of good eating habits. Located in a former Carthusian monastery in Montreuil-sur-Mer, […]

ANCA Chair – AgroParisTech Foundation

AGROPARISTECH FOuNDATION The ANCA Chaire The Roquette Foundation supports the ANCA Chaire from AgroParisTech Foundation to understand and support behavioral changes among people 18- 35 years old to healthy and sustainable food, thanks to innovative, rigorous and scientifically proven tools. The AgroParisTech Foundation supports and encourages projects and programs that provide solutions for the future […]


Frailty in ageing research group The BUTTERFLY project The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the FRailty In Ageing Research Group (FRIA) for its BUTTERFLY study, which aims to decipher the mechanisms of frailty in people aged over 80.  Frailty is one of the most prominent barriers to active and healthy ageing. It is a dynamic, […]

Lille Pasteur Institute – Nutrissimo Junior Program

LILLE PASTEUR INSTITUTE Nutrissimo® Junior Program The Roquette Foundation for Health support the Pasteur Institute of Lille and the Pileje Foundation in the setting of the Nutrissimo® Junior program, for a better nutrition of children.  The stakes of a balanced diet in children are multiple: to allow harmonious growth and optimal development, to prevent certain […]

Universcience – Microbiota Exhibition

In the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, a 600-square-meter exhibition was designed to explain the role of the gut and the gut microbiota (also known as the intestinal flora) to the general public in a cheeky and fun way.

Cidades Sem Fome – School gardens

The non-governmental organization helps and trains inhabitants to manage their own activity to become financially independent through the creation of community gardens, school gardens or agricultural greenhouses in urban areas